October 6, 2020

Big Meadows | Virginia Mountain Photo Locations


Big Meadows Maternity Session | Best Virginia Wedding and Portrait Photos in 2021

The very first time I ever experienced the beauty at Big Meadows, I was up there to take my own headshots! My friends Nikki, Christy and I met up with Beth of 3 Cats Photo a few years back – and I was in love! There are so many options for different looks.

Fast forward a few years, and my friend Lindsay reached out about taking some maternity portraits. She wasn’t picky about location, but she wanted something with great views. I immediately thought of Big Meadows! I sent her some examples of what a session there could look like and thankfully she was down for it.

Anthony and I met up with her and her husband, David, on one of the first cool evenings of autumn. I was so worried that it would be too cold for Lindsay, but she was a trooper! We started off taking a few portraits by a lovely flower field next to the parking lot – you’d never guess we were a few feet from hundreds of cars! We then drove to the entrance of the park, which is just about a mile back toward Skyline Drive. Everyone was up for a small walk, so we spent about ten minutes or so walking through the tall grass to get to the top of the hill. There, we took tons of portraits in the glowy sunset light before we walked back toward the car.

Lindsay and David changed into different outfits. How cute is Lindsay’s red dress!! She got it from Amazon and it was PERFECT for this shoot. Anyways, we hopped back in the car and drove to the parking lot at the foot of the short climb to the mountain overlook. It is a short, easy climb to the top (even though I was out of breath – embarrassing!) There we took a few portraits in the last few minutes of light before the sun slipped behind the mountains. I even got to take a few silhouettes – something new I wanted to try for this session! Overall, we had a fantastic evening with these two, and cannot wait for the new babe’s arrival later this month!

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