September 21, 2021

Full Wedding Gallery Walkthrough

Planning Tips

One of the biggest questions we get is, “What does a full wedding photography gallery look like?” We’re happy to answer! Since technology has moved away from CDs, USBs and other physical form of digital file delivery, we have adapted to offer online galleries to host all of your photos. This is where your engagement portraits, bridal portraits, rehearsal dinner photos and the full gallery from your wedding will live. Let’s take a walk through a recently completed gallery from a wedding we shot in May!

Login to full wedding gallery

Quick Viewing

This is our FAVORITE part of the gallery system we use! All you need to log into your gallery is an email address. Upon logging in, you’ll see all of the different parts of your wedding day (i.e. getting ready, ceremony, reception, etc.) laid out in chronological order. From here, you can open a section and immediately scroll through large thumbnails of all the photos in that section.

Full wedding gallery
Sections of full wedding gallery

Easy Downloading

Another great perk of these galleries is how easy it is to download all your photos! There are two options for downloading – you can download individually or you can download your whole gallery. You’ll also have the option to pick favorites and just download those. We always recommend downloading the full gallery as soon as you get it, just for safekeeping!

Favorite section

Easy Sharing

Within your gallery, there are ways to share the full gallery of photos with your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest followers. Also, friends and family can easily login and view all the photos. All they’ll need to do is enter their email address. This is perfect for easy sharing with your parents, wedding party and all your guests!

Preview photo in full wedding gallery

Lots of Print Options

We would be remiss if we didn’t at least mention how easy it is to order printed photos through your gallery. You will always have the option to print at whichever store you use, but if you would like professional prints, this is your best option! All prints ordered through your gallery will be printed on the highest quality paper from a professional printing lab. We quality check everything before packing it to go out! Also, we try to keep the prices affordable so that everyone can order large prints if they desire. Check out a few screenshots below!

Print options
Print selection in full wedding gallery
Shopping cart checkout of full wedding gallery

High Resolution

Finally, one of the best parts of these galleries is that the quality of the photos are as high resolution as they come! You’ll be able to download and print in full resolution, if you so choose. 

We hope you found this walkthrough of a full wedding photography gallery helpful! We also created a video walkthrough to show you these steps in action. Enjoy!

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